Before it starts

Heavens present did not yet arrive. I hope the 56 little pills are on the way. Until then, I'll continue the usual daily therapie which involves:

-2x Colistin inhalation per day

-2x Alvesco per day

-1x Spiriva per day

-1x Onbreez per day

-in the evening NaCl 4.5% inhalation followed by physiotherapy

-20mg Prednison in the morning

-3x Zithromax per week

-Creon with every meal

-Insulin with every meal

-300mg Xolair every other week

-1x Auqudek's (vitamins) per day

-1x Calcimagon per day

-Levemir (insulin) in the evening

-phyisotherapy once a week (at the therapist's)

-Aclasta infusion once a year

-IV therapy appr. every six months with Obracin and Meronem


My current data:

-weight 66kg (132pounds)

-FEV1 26%

-O2 saturation (calm): 90-94%

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