First bike tour on Kalydeco

Today it was time... The first bike tour on Kalydeco is done (well on the E-bike to be honest). I was pretty nervous because I knew that this was going to show how fit I really am and how Kalydeco is working on me. In the beginning I was a bit struggling and the head wind did not really support my faith but lucky enough it changed soon and I was already considering to apply for the Tour de Suisse. We did 36km in total at an average of 19.2 km/h which I am sure can be improved soon. But since it's only the beginning of the season I am quite happy with the outcome. The funny fact is, that this was the very first time when not the lungs came to its limit but the legs. A complete new experience to me. If my muscles do not hurt too much tomorrow I'm going to give it another try. I always wanted to cross the alps, but I guess for the time being I'm going to stick with the lowlands :-)

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