Looking for the limit

After the soft training on Sunday, I really wanted to test me today. I started at 845am, trying to cycle around the eastern part of the Zürichsee. Usually, this always brought me to my limits. When I realized after 40km that I still "got air", I spontaniously added the little tour of yesterday. At kilometer 49 the battery died and I had to cycle the last 2 kilometres unsupportet by the e-bike. It was just my muscles and myself - and I can tell you that cycling a 24kg bike with a 69kg body on top is nothing like a walk in the park. In the end it was 51km done in 2.5 hours and many personal records were achieved: Longest ride, fastest average speed, longest ride without battery and the highest amount of sweat. All this was followed by the most refreshing shower, the most relaxing nap and the very best girlfried :-) Looks like Kalydeco is helping me more than EPO...

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