The wind tunnel

After we celebrated the eight year anniversary of our relationship yesterday, my girlfriend and myself planned a little bike tour for today. I checked the wind conditions in Glarus as we wanted to cycle from Linthal to Ziegelbrücke. The wind direction showed 341 degrees and after checking in Google I came to the conclusion that this would be perfect tail wind. I put the bikes on the car and we drove towards Linthal. The closer we got, the heavier the flags pointed in the wrong direction. So we started already in Schwanden and yes it really seemed that I was wrong. We probably could have gone to the wind tunnel for the formula 1 cars in Hinwil and it would have been easier. The 20km we did feel more like 20,000km in my legs. However, it was a nice little trip. And interstingly enough, again Kalydeco showed its quality. Back in the old days I was already exhausted when I put the bikes on the car but today it was as easy as sitting on the couch. Of course, these are only small steps, but they go in the right direction and convince me time after time that Kalydeco really does have a positive effect on me.

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