2010 vs. 2014 - A comparison

It feels like it has been yesterday when we passed the Flüela and the Ofenpass to get to Italy and Bibione on the northern Adriacoast where we spent our summer holidays and yet we are back again since three days. It's time for a quick wrap up. Exactly four years ago we stayed at the same place in the same hotel and therefore it was the perfect opportunity to compare how I was feeling back then and today. In 2010 I was doing quite well but compared to this year it's a huge difference. For example the daily walk to the beach was much easier as well as the way back to the hotel after having dinner in the evening. I remember the exact spot where I always had to take a quick break to recover. This did never happen this year. Also we did much longer walks than four years ago. And for the first time in years I didn't have any digestive problems. Earlier my digestion always went crazy during the first few days in the holidays - not this time. Another thing I noticed was the easy feeling in the sea or the pool. Due to the pressure of the water I always struggled a bit with breathing in the water. But this year it felt quite easy and normal. Back home we compared the pictures we took last time with the ones from this year and despite the fact that I weighted 5 kilos less back then my face looked fatter and unhealthier - something which prednsion causes. To sum it up - Kalydeco really causes an incredible effect and I'm so grateful to having the opportunity to take it.

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