The (never)ending fight with the weight

Today I finally managed to check my weight. I was very unsure what to expect as I ate much less during the holidays. Basically it was breakfast, a little salad or melon in the afternoon and a Pizza for dinner. I also omitted the high caloric drinks which usually provide me with an extra 400 oder 800 calories a day. Therefore I expected a reduction of my weight but... the scale shouted 71 kilos! This means despite all of this the weight increased by 1 kilo during the holidays and even by 5 kilos since I started taking Kalydeco. Never ever in my life was I this heavy and as we all know, these extra kilos can be very helpful in more difficult times. Next week I try to further increase prednisone. Currently I'm taking 10mg a day - I'm gonna change that to 5mg / 10mg alternating. Fingers crossed!

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