The little monsters

Unfortunately it's been a while since I last provided an update, but first I was to busy with finding trousers in my wardrobe which still fit and after that I was too annoyed to do anything. Funny enough I've seen a postcard today which pretty much match my experienced last week: "Calories are the tiny monsters which creep into your wardrobe at night and make your trousers tighter".. Only one single pair is left which the little bastards didn't find yet - which means I've got 7 pairs to give a way, so if anyone is interested, let me know ;-) Today I was even more frustrated, when I visited my favorite jeans shop and realized, that the trousers which actually fit around the hips, wave in the wind like these colored tibetan flags at the lower part of my body. Seriously, I can tell now that putting on weight is not always a walk in the park. In the end I nevertheless found one (more or less) fitting pair of jeans. But overall, this was far from a satisfying experience - and I really ask myself why we have to pay 150 CHF for trousers here, whereas in the US you pay like 30$. As far as I know it's been more than 20 years when the USD/CHF rate was at 3 CHF per 1 USD. Anyways, next time I might try it in one of these stores where you can buy these fancy towels for overweight people which you can then wear like ponchos.

By the way, in figures this means 71.8Kg, an increase of roughly 10% (or 6Kg) in 2.5 months. If this is going to continue in the same way, I'll be fat enough by Christmas to be slaughtered :-)

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