Dear Kalydeco,

you have just been added the sixth man to your troop. You will receive your mission order once you've reached the operation area. Your comrades did an amazing job so far and I'm sure that you won't disappoint me either. We are facing an incredibly pwerful enemy. So far every opponent failed in reducing its power and you are the first generation with an effecrive weapon in this neverending battle. Most certainly you will be followed by improved forces but right now, all the hopes and expectations lie on your shoulder. I am very grateful that I can count on you and wish you all the best for your mission. And now: "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...."

Above text just came to my mind and it shouldn't glorify war in any kind but I thought that this metphor pretty much matches the Situation.

By the way, if you'd like to read a really impressive story of Kalydeco, there's a german guy who's writing a blog on That's the most stunning story I've read so far and it's written very in a very entertaining way.

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