Flying high...

Writing a blog entry in over 8000m above sea level. A breath taking feeling of happiness overcomes me. But it's not only the view of the clouds below me which makes me feel free and happy. It is more the easiness with which I could spend the last three days. I had to go to London for business purposes. A so called business trip directly to the center of the european financial world. It was the first journey "alone". Travelling in a suit and just with hand luggage in which of course the "Blue Angel" was safely waiting to be revealed later. A few months ago I could have hardly imagined that I would be able to do this. The never ending walks, additionally the luggage and this in a city which is not exactly famous for its clean fresh montain air. The feeling not to struggle with breathing after every other step was wonderful. Even the stairs which I had to climp to get on board the plane were very easy. No challenge at all. With all honesty, it's just awesome not feeling sick and being constantly on the limits. I felt so - normal. And healthy. I bet no one would have guessed that I suffer from CF. That's what makes me so deeply grateful and I'm overwhelmed. In a few minutes we arrive in Zurich and I look extremly forward to embrace my girlfriend. This is the only thing which can make me even happier now. I look back to a very exciting but also tough time. I'm proud that I was able to manage all this. A further milestone in my experience with Kalydeco. There's only one last thing. I have to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who is involvedĀ - earthly and most probably also not earthly creatures. I am more than aware in what privileged situation I am.

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