Fighting the symptoms at its best

The usual methods to fight the disease are all targeting its symptoms. This is done with asthma sprays, antibiotics, Prednison, enzyme, vitamins, insulin and so on and so forth. The symptoms are all caused by the deficient chlorid-ion-channel. Now there is a new medicine called "Kalydeco" which tragets the cause itself - for more information see "The revolution".

The cause-effect-side-effect principle

I would like to explain the complexity of the disease as easy as possible. Every medicine has an effect and one or more byeffects. I tried to show this in a picture (will be soon available in english). It's very difficult to put this together because the relations among the symptoms are quite complex. I'm thankful for any amendment and improvement ideas.

General problem:

Cause: deficient chlorid-ion-channel

Effect: hardly any osmosis, viscous secretion in lungs and pancreas, therefore bacteria/mucus in lungs and missing enzyme in the digestive system.

Dealing with the digesting issues:

Cause 1: Missing enzyme which split and absorb fat


Medicine: Creon with each meal

Effect: Replaces the missing enzyme and splits fat molecules which then can be digested and absorbed by the body.

Byeffet: If the dose is not set up correctly, it causes diarrhae or obstipation.

Cause 2: Deficient insulin production


Medicine: insulin

Effect: Supports the natural insulin produced by the pancreas and lowers the sugar level in the blood.

Byeffect: If the dose is not set up correctly, it causes life threatening hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia (long term damage to the venes and arteries due to deposits).

Cause 3: Deficient absorbtion of vitamins


Medicine: artificial vitamin pills (Aquadek's, vitamin D3, etc)

Effect: Supports the body with additional vitamins

Byeffect: Can cause disgusting hick-ups :-)

Dealing with the lung issues:

Cause 1: viscous mucus which is plugging the air pipes within the lungs, therefore asthma and low oxygen levels


Medicine 1: NaCl highly concentrated, 4.5 - 6%

Effect: fluidifies the mucus and makes coughing easier

Byeffect: Irritation of the air pipes and hoarsness


Medicine 2,3 and 4: (Alvesco, Spiriva, Onbreez, all asthma sprays)

Effect: Widens the air ways, makes breathing easier

Byeffect: I don't know any

Cause 2: Bacteria in the lungs (Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus)


Medicine 1: antibiotics to inhale (Colistin, Tobramycin)

Effect: Kills the bacteria in the lungs

Byeffect: There's the danger of resistant bacteria (I reacted with asthma on Tobramycin and therefore do not take it anymore)


Medicine 2: Prednison

Effect: Helps to ease the inflammated air ways, relaxes the bronchia

Byeffect: Can cause water in the limbs, gain of weight, damages the bones (osteoporosis), kills the natural insulin in the body


Medicine 3: Zythromax (antibiotic pills)

Effect: Kills bacteria

Byeffect: Danger of resistant bacteria


Medicine 4: Xolair (by-weekly injections)

Effect: Lowers the allergic reaction in the lungs, should help reduce Prednison dose

Byeffect: By-weekly patches on the upper arms :-)


Sporadic medicine: IV antibiotics (Obracin, Meronem, Fortam, Tazobac, Baktrim, etc)

Effect: Hardcore method to get rid of bacteria

Byeffect: Can cause allergic reactions, fatique, danger of resistant bacteria


Generally, all antibiotics can support the appearance of funugs

Dealing with the side-effects:

Cause 1: High sugar levels in the blood (due to Prednison) - see deficient insulin production above.

Cause 2: Osteoporosis (due to Prednison)


Medicine 1: Aclasta infusion

Effect: Helps improving the bone density

Byeffect: Few days of fever


Medicine 2: Calcimagon

Effect: Supports the body with calcium which is crucial for the bones

Byeffect: I don't know any

Cause 3: Fungus (maybe due to constant taking of antibiotics)


Medicine: Sporanox

Effect: Is not completly proven but should kill fungus in the lungs

Byeffect: Intensifies the effect of Prednison. Because its effect is not ultimately proven I stopped taking it.