Maybe not so intelligent after all

As I said, after my learning curve dropped at the beginning of grammer school but it recovered and soon. In university however it changed again and was now more or less parallel to the Y-axis in the coordinate system (vertically down). I felt completely swamped and of all the lessons in maths and physics I understood not more than 3%. When they introduced irrational numbers and started using them in every single exercise, my brain shut finally completely down. This was just to much for my mind (that's probably why it's called ïrrational' numbers).

It also happened, that for the first time in my life I notice that changing class rooms and walking long distances with tons of books on the back was no longer as easy as it used to be. I was not yet feeling uneasy about this because apart from the heavy breathing I still felt fit.

I was soon facing a different problem. There was not much money left on my bank account. When you are used to the fact that you are credited with a few thousands of swiss francs on a monthly basis you start having a higher standard of living and it's hard to reduce this again to the modest level of a student. Beside that I missed the balance to learning all the time and therfore I decided to start a side job as a pizza deliverer. This was way more fun than solving mathematic riddles and analysing complex equations and so I spent more and more time delivering pizza and pasta. Time which I should have spent learning. And if you do not learn there's no way you are going to pass the exams at ETH.

So in summer 2003 I decided not even to try to take the exams and quit electrical engineering. Again there was this difficulty to find suitable course of studies. I chose political science at university of Zurich. Six lessons a week - this should be manageable...