Patience brings roses

This expression can't be translated into english. Patience brings roses means as much as be patient and you will be rewarded. Together with Dr.Schoch we decided on a therapy which consisted - and still consists - of different asthma sprays, inhaltive antibiotics, antibiotic pills, Prednison, Creon, insulin, vitamins, Calcimagon and physio therapy. Slowly I got used to all these medicaments and started taking them regularly. On average, I invested 60 to 90 minutes per day in my health. And this effort payed out. My condition stabiliised - on a low level - but it stabilised. FEV1 is now somehere around 25-35% after it has been down to 18% in 2009.

Generally i got used to the daily therapy and approximately every six months I did an ambulat IV therpay at home. By time I even went to work while being on IV as I realized that I can easily stuff the antibiotics pump in my pocket and hide the infusiuon under my shirt. Like this I hardly had any absences due to sicknes and became a reliable team member at work. These days you can't afford being off sick dozens of days every year and therefore I was grateful that I could to my IV's ambulantory. Now I get to the point where the actual silver lining starts. On the left you will find the relevant link, where I am going to explain why I named this homepage "The silver lining" in the first place.