The first inpatient time

Beginning of May 2006 I had to face the truth finally. It was Sunady afternoon and I wanted to take a little walk with my sausage dog. I was only a few minutes on my way when I started realizing that I must have been in worse shape than I thought. After a few hundred meters I had to sit down on a bench and I started talking to my dog (yes - it was a quite single-sided conversation). I decided to make a doctors appointment for the following week.

My mother joined me to that appointment and for both of us the world stopped turning when my doctor informed us about his plan. Instead of antibiotic pills or some kind of wonder spray Dr.B├╝hlmann from the Triemli hospiltal in Zurich came up with the idea of an inpatient IV therapy. I never had to stay in hospital until then and I was very succesful in suppressing my disease. A two weeks inpatient time seemed strange and surreal for both of us.

Fortujnatley, I got used to the circumstances in hospital very quickly and the therapy seemed to work out very well. I recoverd in no time and was up and running again soon. After two weeks I could leave and what was following afterwards was even much nicer.