The wind of change...

...whistled its song into my ear in summer 2004. I spent more and more time working at mobilezone, again time which I should have used to study. When it was time for the exams, I once again didn't take them and walked without any goals through my life. I spent the days at work and the night in bars and clubs. I rebelled as good as I could and I still had the energy for it.

On 10th October 2014, a serious incident happened. On a Sunday afternoon I had a car accident (thank god there were no other people involved and I only injured a fence). Unfortunately there was still alcohol in my blood from the night before and therefore I got rid of my drivers licence. My mother was quite shocked and also I was deeply shaken. Something was seriously wrong in my life and so I had a talk with my mother which should have taken place long ago. I finally came to the conclusion that I was not born as a student.

This is why I started looking for an other carreer for my future and it led me to the financial world - banking it should be. I quit university again and applied for an internship at the two biggest banks in Switzerland. On of them thought that I was suitable and so I started the job in March 2005.